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To gain clients trust by providing outstanding quality business development services with honest and affordable pricing.


To create a world where international business development is as simple as domestic, by bridging business culture, language, regulations, societal norms, and organizational structure in the

Over 100 worldwide clients, public companies, and SOEs

Over 30 Million USD in
sales; Investments &

Over 20 years of
accumulated experience

Over 1000 international
business relationships

What is stopping you from growing your business in Asia? Is it the language barrier, the lack of understanding between the intersection between culture and business, or the unique law structure and regulations?

We at Xinergy Global have developed a unique, proven, and cost-effective method to assist in your expansion to China while cutting up to 40% percent of your operating costs.

Xinergy’s client-centered philosophy, backed by over 20 years of accumulated experience, combined with a one of a kind business development plan, results in a solution-based service that without fail helps companies grow in the challenging but lucrative Chinese market.


Marion Meir

CEO at CardiacX

The Xinergy team helped CardiacX find investment and business development opportunities in China. The Xinergy Team was outstanding in managing negotiations with the Chinese side. Highly appreciated.

Leeron Revah

Head of International Marketing at Liz Martinez Bridal

I will always appreciate the relationship that was forged by working with Xinergy Global. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that Liz Martinez Bridal would grow in the Chinese market. Xinergy greatly increased our buyers, established strategic partnerships, handled all negotiations, and even managed our complex PR operations in China. We will look to Xinergy Global in the future for all our needs in China.

Ron Brand

R&D and Process Engineer at PolyGreen Group

I We developed a great relationship with the Xinergy Team after they supported our business process with an enterprise from Jiangsu, China. The communications were smooth and the Polygreen group will forever be grateful for the dedication and professionalism that Xinergy Global upheld while assisting us in negotiations with our Chinese partners.


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