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Who we are

Xinergy Global is a Startup in the world of International business development, an institute with a flawless reputation of giving unprecedented added value to clients while expanding their business in Asia.

Since its establishment in 2016, Xinergy has developed a unique, cost effective Business development method (The Xinergy Method™), based on Experience, Science and The Art of business development in China.

Xinergy is hitching and implementing unique methodologies to help clients grow using affordable tailor-made business development solutions

Mission statement

To gain clients trust by providing outstanding quality business development services, with honest and affordable pricing.


Xinergy is creating a world where international business development is as simple as domestic, and accessible for any client regardless of his size, by bridging business culture, language, regulations, culture and organizational structure in the target market.

Meet the team

Niv Schwartz

Founder & CEO

Zhou Yifeng

China Strategy Advisor

Wang Xixin

Senior Analyst

Ori Rubinstein

Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Levit

Marketing Communications Manager

Ami Berkemeier

Marketing Communications Manager

luka tskhadadze

Luka Tskhadadze

Marketing Communications Manager

Maria Shehade

Project Manager

Ron Libman

Client Success Manager

Yanir Schwartz

Technology Director