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Connecting Your Business To A Global Future

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At Xinergy Global, we are driven by one simple goal: Unlocking potential.

Since 2016, we have been helping companies of all sizes achieve their growth targets in new and emerging markets. Our success is driven by the fact that we understand the complexities of the global arena and employ a multidisciplinary approach to create holistic and enduring solutions. We don’t view language, culture, regulations, and local business practices as barriers to entry – we see them as the key to flourishing in target markets. 

Powered by a culture of integrity, expertise, and passion, Xinergy Global is known for having developed its very own cutting-edge methodology for sustainable and integrated business growth – the Xinergy Method. From strategy to execution, our diverse team of specialists combines a rich level of industry insight with theory and local understanding to connect your business to the world.

Everyone we work with has their own story. We understand this and tailor all of our services according to our client’s unique journey. At Xinergy, we never ask the client to adapt to our methods – instead, we tailor our dynamic range of services to you.

Our Mission

At Xinergy Global, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer our clients a relationship built on trust and work closely together to achieve highly-targeted results across all stages of expansion - from strategy to execution.

Our Vision

To create a seamless transition to the international market and foster the most exciting industry players. We embrace language, culture, organizational structure, local regulations, and business practices as nuanced opportunities for optimization that breed success.

Our Value

Trust, expertise and innovation come together with the Xinergy Method - our dynamic approach to consulting that combines the forefront of academic research with deep market insight. As a result, we champion comprehensive solutions for results across the full spectrum of business operations.

Global vision – local expertise

Diverse and multidisciplinary team

Synergising analysis and creativity


What is the void we are filling?

The future of business is global. We offer growth solutions to businesses that see themselves as part of this future and want to unlock their potential on the world stage. At Xinergy, we believe that no bridge can’t be crossed, and we keep our fingers on the pulse of market trends and changes to ensure that when your business finds a bridge they need to cross – we’re there to help along every step of the way.

Our fresh approach turns the dynamic and rapid pace of the global market into a growing canvas for ambitious and promising companies looking to unlock their potential as industry leaders and write the next chapter of their stories.

Corporate culture

In the world of business, nothing great is achieved alone. We apply this philosophy on every level – with clients, target markets, and to our team itself. We bring together a diverse range of expert perspectives to create integrated solutions that factor in everything from brand identity, financial targets, and long term vision. Founded by a team determined to drive change, we enable each and every client to conquer their desired growth on the global stage.    

At Xinergy Global, everybody has a part to play. We don’t believe in tired hierarchies that place one individual above another. Instead, we encourage every member of our team to feel confident making their voice heard. We look for employees who are driven to find solutions and create change – regardless of gender, race, politics, or creed.

Value lies at the very heart of our work, and we see the value of every single one of our employees, clients, and partners. We have created a safe, trusting environment that allows us to be honest and disagree with each other when needed – leading to solutions with integrity. With our culture of passion, honesty, and respect we care for each and every person we work with, and work to foster our employees’ growth both personally and professionally.

Meet Our Team

Niv Schwartz

Founder & CSO

Yael Yifeng Zhou

China Strategy Advisor

Xixin Wang

Marketing Director in Greater China

Gemma Shohet

Business Development Associate

Guilherme Subira

Social Media Marketing Manager

Luka Tskhadadze

Marketing Communications Manager

Yanir Schwartz

Technology Director

Maria Shehade

Project and Operations Manager

Kumar Ravi

Strategy Consultant

Lynn Wang

Business Development Manager
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