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Company Auditing & Registration Legal Consulting


Many companies are unprepared to deal with Chinese regulatory bodies’ financial and legal practices when expanding into foreign markets. Firms engaging in these new opportunities often lack an understanding of these systems to protect themselves and set their business up for success. Without proper safeguards to manage the regulations governing financial and legal business procedures, these companies are unable to create a stable foundation for themselves to continue their expansion. Moreover, failure to comply with these standards often means that these organizations will be unable to receive institutional approval to proceed with their operation, eliminating the possibility of their success in the unique Chinese market.


Xinergy Global offers comprehensive auditing and legal consultations catered specifically to Chinese regulations and expectations. Xinergy helps clients manage their financial and legal operations remotely, solving all major obstacles derived from international business, including comprehensive coverage of unique Chinese business customs. (blog- business culture in china) Our consultants are always on call to ensure that all of your financial and legal questions or needs are answered or taken care of as soon as possible.

Our consultants are trained to become experts in Chinese customs and practices to ensure that your company does not need to allocate its valuable resources to educating itself on these matters. Xinergy Global’s consultants are prepared to field any questions you may have to ensure a seamless and efficient transition into the Chinese marketplace.