Andy Shafran

Andrew Shafran is a finance major who knows in the power of consutling. He began his journey in finance by working at Xinergy Global, and now dreams of expanding his influence worldwide.

Recent posts:

Global Business of EU

20 European Companies That are Expanding in the Global Market

July 15, 2021

      20 European companies that are expanding in the global market At Xinergy Global, we undertake that risky task for your company, as we operate in markets worldwide every day with boots on the ground. Xinergy does the research and exploratory work for the market your company wants to run in…
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usa companies going global

U.S. Companies Going Global

June 17, 2021

It may be daunting to enter a foreign market after only doing business in the United States. Lack of knowledge and possible instability in markets abroad can make expansion seem like an impossible task with too much risk to undertake. Also, because of Covid-19, markets and businesses struggled to stay…
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