Niv Schwartz

b2b influencer

The Ultimate Guide for B2B Influencer Marketing

This form of marketing strategy is very popular in the B2C world, and for a good reason. Companies of all shapes and sizes use influencers for marketing their products because they understand that people tend to trust other people more than faceless advertising. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,…
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A Guide to B2B Market Segmentation

Understanding the needs and wants of your client is crucial, and it is at the heart of good marketing. Hence, why segmentation is so important in any marketing strategy. Since not every customer wants or needs the same things, and as a business you want to cater to as many…
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digital marketing in china

Digital Marketing in China: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The Chinese market is understandably one of the most sought-after markets in the world. More and more Western companies see the immense potential within the Chinese market and wish to become a part of its worldwide success. However, with the competition within the Chinese market soaring high, there is a…
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smart city exhibitions

Exhibitions and Conferences in Smart Cities Industry 2022

Why Exhibitions? Exhibitions and conferences are powerful marketing tools that allow companies to showcase their products, new ideas, connect to new partners, and receive recognition for their brand in the industry. In addition, the fact that an exhibition is held face to face brings an added value that is unmatchable…
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food tech exhibition

Exhibitions and Conferences in FoodTech Industry 2022

Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool that enables companies to showcase their products, services, new ideas, and receive recognition for their brand in the industry. The fact that an exhibition is held face-to-face brings an added value that is unmatchable to online advertising. There is a greater chance of creating…
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automotive industry

The New Emerging Automotive Industry

Before the Covid-19 crisis, the automotive industry underwent changes that one can only describe as ‘game-changing.’ Technological developments (such as connected, autonomous, and electrified vehicles), new customer habits, and new digital trends are all defying the norm of the once traditional automotive industry. Therefore, automotive businesses that wish to stay…
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