Niv Schwartz

How to Gain Advantage and Win in A Competitive Global Market

After understanding the great benefits of global expansion and creating an effective global expansion strategy, you should now consider improving your company’s chances in the competitive global field. Given how widespread international expansion has become and how fierce the competition in each market has grown in recent years, it is crucial now…
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product development

Protein Alternative Product Launch

Selecting the right market for the product As a test case, we will focus on the food industry, with the new product we want to market being yogurt. The ideal arenas or ‘playground’ for the new yogurt to be marketed is the institutional market. Our approach to the institutional market will focus on…
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linkedin in china

The True Story Behind The LinkedIn China Shutdown – Case Study

Every business can learn from the LinkedIn China Shutdown and can leverage this knowledge to find growth in the Chinese market. Key takeaways from this article will be: What are the mistakes done by Microsoft while promoting Linkedin in China What Linkedin could have done better to grow in the…
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global marketing strategy

Global Marketing Strategy

Global marketing strategy is a vital component of a larger plan. It helps your business develop into new markets around the globe. For today’s modern businesses, global marketing is essential. Globalization has influenced the flow of consumer products. It can dictate how firms operate and communicate with stakeholders and staff. …
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aviation industry

The Development Status and Trends of China’s Civil Aviation

General Overview of China’s Civil Aviation China’s civil aviation industry is composed of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China(CCAC), the China Air Transport Association(CATA), state-owned aviation companies, and private aviation companies. At the end of 2020, there were 64 shipping airlines in China, increasing 2 net over the…
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Global Marketplace

Exploring the Global Marketplace : Pros and Cons

The global marketplace may seem like an immensely complicated entity, but it isn’t! While operating in the global arena is vastly different from the local one, it opens up opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Despite its risks, the rewards more than makeup for it. Unfortunately, many companies fail to understand…
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