Niv Schwartz

international team management

How to Manage Your International Team

After understanding the numerous benefits of global expansion and creating an effective global expansion strategy, you should now consider improving your company’s chances in the competitive global field. It is clear how essential widespread international expansion has become and how fierce the competition in each market has grown in the…
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Ukraine: An Emerging Investment Opportunity

As the Covid 19 pandemic wreaks havoc across the world’s stock markets. Big and medium-sized entrepreneurs are eyeing investment opportunities in the former Communist Bloc. Following the demise of the USSR, Ukraine proclaimed its independence on July 16, 1990. Ukraine’s relations with the West have been warming up since the…
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Foreign Investment in Kenya – Why, Where, and How to Invest in Kenya

Foreign Investment in Kenya Kenya has a mixed economy structure with private rights, central economic planning, and state controls. A stable environment, a strong market, and rich resources have power-driven its current development. The Covid-19 has upset the financial outlooks. Yet, the nation remained stable. The people and the Government…
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doing business in China

How to Set Up a Company in China?

Since China is becoming a global economic power and a hub for investors and start-ups following the 70s economic reform, China has continued to gain exceptional growth in its businesses. The fast-growing middle class and huge consumer market are a few of many reasons to do business in China. However,…
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The Secret for Doing Business in China

While China is a popular destination for business ventures, and rightly so, penetrating the Chinese market is a complex operation. The core elements to pursue to succeed in China are not just bound to marketing or managing distributions. It is not enough to establish a brand or to open your…
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Advantages Of Doing Business In China

China has been a leading destination for businesses and entrepreneurs to expand and grow within their field. Exporting goods and services in China has given massive returns to many investors worldwide. Many international companies have used the advantages of doing business in China since it opened to the world. Since…
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