How your product may adapt a whole culture – From Tea to Coffee Culture

How your product may adapt a whole culture – From Tea to Coffee Culture

Co-Written with Karin Marton Everyone talks about adapting your product to the local culture, especially in China. However, how about the exact opposite – having your product changing the whole culture and consumer behavior? Let us check this idea through a simple case study – coffee drinking in China, including Starbucks’ phenomenal success. You may
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Niv Schwartz September 7, 2020


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Your Ultimate Guide For Business Culture in China

Overview of Business Culture in China For much of the world, business culture in China remains widely misunderstood, unstudied, or completely mysterious. Like any other country, China has its distinct expectations, customs, and etiquette for how business should be conducted. Chinese corporations are very proud of their traditions and therefore take them very seriously. Adherence
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Xiachen – A New Market You Did Not Know

‘Xiachen’(下沉) means to sink or submerge. Over the past few years, it has become a popular term in business, meaning ‘sinking marketing’. This means that marketing efforts are adapting to ‘sink’, move down into lower tier markets, and lower tier cities which in the average salaries are relatively lower.


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Localization in China

Choose The Right Chinese Name For Your Brand

Numerous western companies disregard the importance of choosing their equivalent Chinese brand name. A quality name that matches your brand, Chinese business culture, and uses the Chinese language unique features, both in writing and verbal – was proven to be more effective and important than many other business decisions when entering the Chinese market. A
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