China Business Insights

Advantages Of Doing Business In China

China has been a leading destination for businesses and entrepreneurs to expand and grow within their field. Exporting goods and services in China has given massive returns to many investors worldwide. Many international companies have used the advantages of doing business in China since it opened to the world. Since the last few decades, China
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export to china

How to Export to China: Ultimate Guide

With almost 1.4 billion people, China is the world’s largest consumer market. The Asian giant has the largest economy globally by Purchasing Power Parity and the second-largest economy by nominal GDP. Chinese consumer expenditure is expected to triple to over $6 trillion a year by 2022. So, what else do international companies know before exporting
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Online Payments

Paypal and Other Digital Payment Methods in China

In the modern era, more business and personal transactions are being conducted over the internet than ever before. Large corporations and small businesses rely on electronic payments, or e-payments, to receive funds from clients and customers and pay employees and contractors for their services. Countries with large economies have quickly adopted electronic commerce payment systems
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greenhouse gas market in china

China’s Battle – A Unique Solution For Global Warming

Following environmental roundtable discussions during several G7 summits, the participating countries have agreed to minimize greenhouse gas emission by all costs, and encourage technological innovation through performance-based incentives.  China, while not a G7 member, also has an obligation to invest in low carbon economic growth, including partnerships and collaborations with G7 nations on environmental projects.
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