Chinese Business Culture

Advantages Of Doing Business In China

China has been a leading destination for businesses and entrepreneurs to expand and grow within their field. Exporting goods and services in China has given massive returns to many investors worldwide. Many international companies have used the advantages of doing business in China since it opened to the world. Since the last few decades, China
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work culture in China

Work Culture in China: The 996 Working Hour System

Chinese work ethic prioritizes hard work and diligence, and it has become an integral part of China’s worldwide success. Work culture in China has many unique aspects that differentiate it from other work cultures around the world. For example, while taking a nap during office hours would be frowned upon in Western companies, in China
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minimum wages in China

Guide to Minimum Wages in China in 2021

Does China have a minimum wage? The short answer is yes. But different regions of China have a different standard of living; therefore, the universal minimum wage in China does not exist. Instead, the local officials are responsible for setting the minimum wages for each province, region, or municipality according to the local living standards
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