Global Expansion Strategy

Global Business of EU

20 European Companies That are Expanding in the Global Market

July 15, 2021

      20 European companies that are expanding in the global market At Xinergy Global, we undertake that risky task for your company, as we operate in markets worldwide every day with boots on the ground. Xinergy does the research and exploratory work for the market your company wants to run in…
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usa companies going global

U.S. Companies Going Global

June 17, 2021

It may be daunting to enter a foreign market after only doing business in the United States. Lack of knowledge and possible instability in markets abroad can make expansion seem like an impossible task with too much risk to undertake. Also, because of Covid-19, markets and businesses struggled to stay…
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Ultimate Guide to Investing in India

May 13, 2021

We are not guided by-elections. We are guided by the potential of India. We are not waiting for any election results to invest in India. We are investing in India for its economic story.” These were the words of former PepsiCo C.E.O. Indra Nooyi when she announced an investment of…
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international team management

How to Manage Your International Team

April 5, 2021

More and more companies recognize the clear advantages of having an international team, as it gained an increase in popularity in the age of remote work. A global team consists of people from different parts of the world as well as different cultures and time zones that connect and work…
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Ukraine: An Emerging Investment Opportunity

March 24, 2021

As the Covid 19 pandemic wreaks havoc across the world’s stock markets. Big and medium-sized entrepreneurs are eyeing investment opportunities in the former Communist Bloc. Following the demise of the USSR, Ukraine proclaimed its independence on July 16, 1990. Ukraine’s relations with the West have been warming [1] up since the…
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Foreign Investment in Kenya – Why, Where, and How to Invest in Kenya

March 24, 2021

Foreign Investment in Kenya Kenya has a mixed economy structure with private rights, central economic planning, and state controls. A stable environment, a strong market, and rich resources have power-driven its current development. The Covid-19 has upset the financial outlooks. Yet, the nation remained stable. The people and the Government…
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