Global Expansion Strategy

A Guide to B2B Market Segmentation

Understanding the needs and wants of your client is crucial, and it is at the heart of good marketing. Hence, why segmentation is so important in any marketing strategy. Since not every customer wants or needs the same things, and as a business you want to cater to as many…
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go to marketing strategy

Defining your Go-To Market Strategy

A defined strategy to approach the process is essential to rise in an increasingly competitive global market. Whether you are taking a new product to a market or introducing an existing product to a new economy, you need a pre-planned strategy to find success. Being able to sell to a global…
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global marketing strategy

Global Marketing Strategy

Global marketing strategy is a vital component of a larger plan. It helps your business develop into new markets around the globe. For today’s modern businesses, global marketing is essential. Globalization has influenced the flow of consumer products. It can dictate how firms operate and communicate with stakeholders and staff. …
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Global Business of EU

20 European Companies That are Expanding in the Global Market

At Xinergy Global, we undertake that risky task for your company, as we operate in markets worldwide every day with boots on the ground. Xinergy does the research and exploratory work for the market your company wants to run in and prepares feasibility and entry plan proposals for you. We…
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usa companies going global

U.S. Companies Going Global

It may be daunting to enter a foreign market after only experiencing business in the United States. Lack of knowledge and potential instability in markets abroad can make expansion seem like an impossible task that has too much of a risk to undertake. Additionally, due to Covid-19, markets and businesses…
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Ultimate Guide to Investing in India

“We are not guided by elections; we are guided by the potential of India. We are not waiting for any election results to invest in India; we are investing in India for its economic story.” These were the words of former PepsiCo C.E.O. Indra Nooyi when she announced an investment…
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