Chinese Livestreaming – When Influencers Become Top Sellers

Written by Niv Schwartz & Svetlana Konovich

Latest live streaming E-commerce trend (电商直播)  consists of an online, live platform dedicated for digital marketing and sales. Known livestream platforms include Douyu (斗鱼) and Kuaishou (快手).

This trend, A new version of what used to be TV shopping, enables the consumer to interact directly with the product’s owner or representative. Therefore, consumers may buy provides presentation, review and feedback on the product. This process creates trust and increases purchases.


One of the main examples of the trend rising to success was evident in 2019. Live streaming channels on Taobao, owned by Alibaba Group, has generated sales amounting to 2.85$ billion during Single’s day.

The Coronavirus crisis, which began in China in late 2019, stimulated the surge of live-streaming e-commerce. It achieved rapid development and created new job opportunities, even during the height of the pandemic.


Almost unbelievably, some businesses actually reported an increase in sales during the pandemic, thanks to live streaming channels that continued to operate, while physical stores have remained shut.

Why is this so important for you to know?

Western brands, no matter their size, that are looking to reach Chinese consumers should consider using this trend. Live streaming broadcasts have become a significant force in the Chinese market. In recent years, western social networks have also sought to promote this sales method, such as Facebook’s live videos, or Twitter’s Periscope.

We at Xinergy Global observe and learn new Chinese trends around the clock in order to offer the most professional marketing services, ensuring your business optimal penetration into the Chinese market.

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