Company Registration

Company Registration


Without proper registration and documentation under Chinese regulatory institutions, it is nearly impossible for a company to operate legal and commercial activities in China. Any company seeking to create legitimate business opportunities in China must abide by these constraints and receive the necessary company registration approval from the Chinese government.

Many companies lack the knowledge to navigate these hurdles and do not have relationships with local, regional, and national regulatory institutions to facilitate registration for operating a business in China. Many corporations that are seeking to expand into the Chinese market stop in their tracks, as they cannot provide their products to consumers without first overcoming this obstacle.


Xinergy Global offers a streamlined company registration process for our clients. Xinergy provides opportunities for clients to hold meetings with Chinese officials and investors who will endorse the company’s products and give it the proper regulatory certification it needs to flourish in the Chinese market. We seek to create opportunities in multiple Chinese municipalities, and localize your business by creating a suitable Chinese name. Our team of local experts will research Chinese markets and your company’s operations to develop a personalized plan that will match you with the regional officials best suited to your company’s services to maximize your growth potential throughout the country.

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