Document Translation

Document Translation


Many business meetings, presentations, and official documents are written in Chinese. Companies that cannot produce such materials are generally seen as disrespectful or unprepared and will usually fail to make any agreements with Chinese partners, governments, or investors. Any international corporation that wishes to conduct business in the Chinese market must be prepared to produce professional, high-quality documents written in Chinese.

Translation in Chinese can be very challenging for non-Chinese speaking organizations. Without adequate translation services, companies looking to expand into the Chinese marketplace often fall short of their goals. They cannot communicate their company’s mission and cannot provide professional reports on their companies.


Xinergy Global is home to many native and learned Chinese speakers familiar with the professional expectations established for business documents. Our translators are trained to thoroughly review the records you wish to be translated and to consult for specific requests you may have for various forms, charts, and reports. Xinergy Global knows what Chinese investors expect from companies they are meeting and prepare translated documents to accommodate those standards. We provide document translation services as part of our localization packages or on an a la carte basis.