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Exhibitions and Conferences in Automotive Industry 2022

Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool that enables companies to showcase their products and new ideas and receive recognition for their brand in the industry. The fact that an exhibition is held face-to-face brings an added value that is unmatchable to advertising a product online. There is a greater chance of creating meaningful connections with other businesses in your field, advertising your product to a broader crowd, and observing the competition ahead. 

The pandemic significantly affected the automotive industry, especially in 2020, where sales plunged drastically in China, America, and Europe. While the automotive industry may not recover fully from its pandemic standstill immediately, 2022 marks the start of an economic upturn. Thanks to the vaccines and the lifted flight ban in most countries worldwide, exhibitions are accessible again after more than a year-long unavailability. Now is the time to participate in exhibitions and conferences worldwide, catch up with new trends in the industry, and claim your spot as a leading brand. In this article, we gathered the most important exhibitions in automotive taking place in America, China, and Europe.

Exhibitions in America:

  • ADAS & ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology EXPO- 

Location: in San Jose, California 

Date: March 1-2, 2022

About the event: Building on the success of the Stuttgart Autonomous Vehicle EXPO & Conference and using the hugely successful formula that has been applied to the annual international event held in Europe, UKi Media & Events has announced that ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo will be held in America. 


  • International Conference on Advanced Automotive Electronics ICAAE- Location: New York.

Date: January 28-29, 2022

About the event: International Conference on Advanced Automotive Electronics aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Advanced Automotive Electronics. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, and practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Advanced Automotive Electronics. 


  • International Conference on Automotive and Engine Technologies ICAET-

Location: San Francisco

Date: September 27-28, 2022.

About the event: International Conference on Automotive and Engine Technologies aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Automotive and Engine Technologies. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, and practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Automotive and Engine Technologies.


  • The Battery Technology Show 2022-

Location: Detroit

Date: April 5-7, 2022

About the event: Innovation in battery technology is moving at an incredible pace, with applications across every aspect of our lives, whether automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, or consumer technology. The Battery Technology Show brings together thousands of delegates to discover the latest developments. The event’s two conference tracks will also allow visitors to hear from some of the leading companies and individuals shaping the forthcoming revolution.


  • Advanced Battery and Electric Vehicle Event-

Location: Novi Michigan

Date: September 13-15, 2022

About the event: While first widely used to power electrical telegraph networks, today’s battery applications in automobiles, consumer electronics, medical devices, and stationary storage don’t just power our daily lives — they transform how we travel, interact, and manufacture. Each year, engineers, innovators, and thought leaders converge in Novi, Michigan, for a conference and expo focused on keeping up with the fast-moving advanced battery and automotive industries.


Exhibitions in China:

  • Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show 2022-

Location: Shanghai

Date: July 6-9, 2022

About the event: The exhibition has been successfully held for 15 years. It is an ideal platform for international companies to enter China’s automotive manufacturing market, introduce the latest technology and meet with key industry players from auto OEMs, system integrators, tier 1&2 suppliers, vehicle and component R&D and manufacturing facilities, car body stamping, welding and joining, painting, automotive assembly, auto parts machining engineering, assembly, and testing, vehicle materials, and design, vehicle development and trial production, intelligent production line logistics, quality control, and testing. In 2022, this exhibition will be adding new sectors: lightweight materials, new energy engineering, and commercial vehicle engineering.


  • The China Guangzhou International Automotive Technology Expo 2022-

Location: Guangzhou

Date: May 24-26, 2022

About the event: This is the 9th time this exhibition is to be held. It covers essential automotive industry topics such as automotive electronics, connected cars, EV&HEV, automotive tests, autonomous driving, etc. It will attract more than 500 global top industry companies to show the latest technologies and products for the automotive industry. The event organizer will invite OEMs, R&Ds, and top suppliers to visit the show such as GAC, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BYD, Tesla, Xiaopeng, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, Geely, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, NIO, FAW, Bosch, Continental, Magna, etc.


  • China Intelligent Vehicle Technology Exhibition-

Location: China

Date: April 26-28, 2022

About the event: This exhibition has been held once a year since its first in 2009. It covers the following categories: intelligent and internet-connected vehicles, new energy vehicles, Intelligent equipment, and automotive steel.


  • Shanghai International Intelligent Assembly and Automation Technology Exhibition/ Shanghai AVG Show-

Location: Shanghai

Date: March 2-5, 2022

About the event: The two exhibitions will be held simultaneously and in the same place. They cover the following categories:

  • Automotive assembly equipment and technology
  • Industrial automation and industrial robot
  • Transmission control
  • Monitoring equipment
  • AGV products, such as AGV automatic carrier
  • Magnetic navigation forklift AGV
  • AGV unmanned handling
  • Intelligent warehousing
  • AGV automated logistics equipment and system
  • AGV car accessories
  • Transportation equipment


  1. Auto China 2022-

Location: Beijing

Date: April 21-30, 2022 

           Press Days: Apr 21-22

           Trade Days: Apr 23-24

           Public Days: Apr 25-30

           Auto Parts: Apr 21-23

About the event: This exhibition is held in Beijing every two years and covers the following: various types of cars (including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles); various types of concept cars; auto parts, assemblies, modules, and systems; automobile manufacturing equipment, process equipment; testing and experimental instruments and equipment; computer development and design system and application technology; new processes and materials in the automobile industry; new energy technologies and products in the automotive industry.


Exhibitions in Europe:

  1. Bus2Bus Trade Show and Congress-

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: April 27-28, 2022

About the event: Bus2Bus Congress and Exhibition 2022 features E-buses, hybrids, autonomous compact buses, Modern mini- and compact buses, Retrofitting /conversion of diesel buses, Fleet management, logistics, modern payment systems, etc. The trade show focuses on all aspects of modern buses.


  1. Automotive Testing EXPO Europe-

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Date: June 21-23

About the event: If you need to reduce development time, increase quality and decrease product failures, you need to attend Automotive Testing Expo! The event is Europe’s largest vehicle and component testing and validation technology and services exhibition, featuring more than 360 exhibitors and attracting over 6,000 attendees. Visitors can expect to see the latest in ADAS testing, NVH measurement tools, test rigs, simulation packages, durability testing technologies, crash testing know-how, dynamometers, emission measurement systems, and dynamic assessment tools, as well as countless service providers such as proving grounds and test facilities.


  1. E-Tech Europe 2022-

Location: Bologna, Italy

Date: April 12-13, 2022

About the event: E-Tech Europe 2022 is the place to connect with thousands of buyers within the advanced electrical and electronics supply chain. The trade fair will highlight the latest products, technology, services, and equipment relevant to advanced industries, including automotive, utilities, renewable energy, storage, grid, power tools, automation, logistics, controls, electronics, and more.



As mentioned above, an exhibition has many incredible benefits that can truly make an impactful change to a company for the better. However, it is essential to clarify that participating in such an event is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and money, especially if you want your stand to make a lasting impression next to all the others. We at Xinergy Global have the required experience and tools to make the experience a much easier ordeal. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up your stand.
  • Representing your company.
  • Taking care of every detail regarding your participation so that you can make the most out of every trade show.

Contact us for more information about exhibitions and learn more about our expertise and strategic solutions.

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