Xinergy is a rapidly-growing consultant firm with the mission of helping qualified and distinguished companies break into international markets. Xinergy provides its clients with a streamlined, secure, and cost-effective methodology for entering the region and industry of their choosing.
With well-established networks and regional analysts throughout China, Xinergy works to help place its clients in the optimal setting to ensure their success.
The Xinergy Method™ is designed to place the client at the center of the expansion process. Xinergy offers its professional consultations and localization packages at a fraction of comparable consultant firms’ price and, unlike our competitors, does not impose commissions or hidden fees attached to these services. Our goal is to maximize your growth potential and our clients’ benefits from their international ventures.

Xinergy’s services are also designed to save its clients from the high cost of hiring an employee to develop and execute a localization plan. Companies that contract Xinergy save money on hiring, developing regional connections, legal fees, and outsourcing.

Xinergy has comprehensive networks Globally with corporate executives and political officials. Our process is designed to get you into meetings with these industry leaders without the cumbersome legwork of having to build these relationships and schedule these meetings on your own.
Xinergy’s legal team will take care of ensuring that your firm has the necessary documentation to employ workers and produce your product Globally. Xinergy will leverage its connections with public officials to ensure that you have everything you need to receive approval to work and expand Globally before you begin working.
Xinergy offers a satisfaction guarantee. Clients who are unhappy with their experience will receive a complete refund on their first 14 days of our services.
Xinergy multilingual team members speak the most common languages in the business world such as German, Russian, Spanish, English Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and Hebrew.
Xinergy’s team of experts have studied and continues to monitor changing business trends Globally. Part of our mission is to ensure that clients are well educated and feel prepared to accommodate unique business environments and etiquette expectations when conducting professional affairs.
Xinergy creates business connections with a wide array of industries including cybersecurity, agriculture, automotive technology, construction, IT, consumer products and more. Special interest is given to environmentally-friendly and sustainable corporations; however, we accept clients from any background and discipline.
Xinergy stands apart from similar firms because of its client-centered approach. Our method is designed to give our clients the tools and connections they need to succeed on their own in international markets without constantly returning to us for assistance.

The Xinergy Method™️ is proven in the International market using our comprehensive database of businesses, regional analysts, and governmental connections, which is offered at a fraction of the price of our competitors.
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Xinergy accepts a number of payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards, and payoneer payments.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. Contact a Xinergy representative today, check out our blog, or sign up for our newsletter!