b2b influencer

The Ultimate Guide for B2B Influencer Marketing

This form of marketing strategy is very popular in the B2C world, and for a good reason. Companies of all shapes and sizes use influencers for marketing their products because they understand that people tend to trust other people more than faceless advertising. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,…
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Doing Business in India : Ultimate Guide

As the world’s fifth-largest economy by gross domestic products (GDP), India is becoming one of the most attractive business destinations. With the annual average GDP growth standing at 7.5% and projected to remain at the same level for the next ten years, many global entrepreneurs are looking at the country…
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A Guide to B2B Market Segmentation

Understanding the needs and wants of your client is crucial, and it is at the heart of good marketing. Hence, why segmentation is so important in any marketing strategy. Since not every customer wants or needs the same things, and as a business you want to cater to as many…
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ev industry in china

China’s New Automobility Era – the Revolution of the EV (Electronic Vehicles) and AV (Autonomous Vehicles) Industries

Since China’s 2015 national strategic plan to further develop their manufacturing sector (otherwise known as Made in China 2025), China aims to produce high-tech products and services like AI, robotics, green energy, and green vehicles. Specifically, China’s ambitious plan to revolutionize its automobile industry involves excluding conventional cars from service…
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group buying

The Ultimate Guide to Community Group Buying

A new type of social buying is transforming China. Community Group-Buying (CGB) is becoming a popular way of purchasing goods in online markets. The pandemic has made it a preferred purchase habit for many residents in China. As a result, the consumer’s battleground that affects the retail industry can be…
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