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Choose The Right Chinese Name For Your Brand

Numerous western companies disregard the importance of choosing their equivalent Chinese brand name. A quality name that matches your brand, Chinese business culture, and uses the Chinese language unique features, both in writing and verbal – was proven to be more effective and important than many other business decisions when entering the Chinese market.

A few prominent examples:

Coca-Cola is known as kěkǒu kělè (可口可乐), Meaning: Tasty (kěkǒu) and Happy (kělè).

Cisco is known as Sīkē (思科) Meaning: Thinking (Sī) and Technology (Kē).

HP is known as Huìpǔ (惠普) Meaning: Benefit (Huì) and Universal (Pǔ).

Microsoft is known as Wēiruǎn (微软) Meaning: Micro (Wēi) and Software (Ruǎn).

There are many ways to achieve a matching and creative name, sometimes by phonetics, and sometimes by the meaning of the words themselves. So why do international companies invest so much time and effort in choosing a name? The name of the brand tells the story of the brand from the first second, it creates a strong psychological connection between the consumer and the product.

The Chinese written system, called Chinese characters, are an extremely effective tool: they can tell a story, grab attention, be memorable and inspire feelings, such as trust and loyalty. A single letter might also hold more than a single meaning.
You want your Chinese brand name to be compatible with the culture and consumer nature of the market you are entering. Matching your name with the local language’s cultural and linguistical traits is an invaluable first step, and will most certainly ensure better market penetration.

Western companies too often underrate the sheer number of meanings a single Chinese character can tell – the extent is astounding. One may use this rich language to create a name even better than the original one in English.
On the other hand, the name should be easy to pronounce and legible. There are many letters that Chinese people find difficult to pronounce. You do not want your brand name to confuse them – but be catchy in their head.

Here is a great example of Xinergy‘s Chinese name which tells our story perfectly:

In China Xinergy Global is known as: Xìněrjí 信尔吉 meaning: Trusting (us) will result in Prosperity.

We have extensive experience in choosing a name for western companies that want to integrate in China, and supporting product localization in China. Contact us and our experts will help you choose your Chinese brand name for free!



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