MaiMai, the Chinese LinkedIn

MaiMai, the Chinese LinkedIn

What is MaiMai?

Maimai is a China-based career and social-networking platform founded in 2013 by Lin Fan. It now has tens of millions of users and surpasses LinkedIn in China for most used professional social networking site.

Maimai was initially modeled after LinkedIn, now boasts over 8 million monthly active users. What brought its major success is that Maimai works differently than other popular career and social-networking platforms like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and more. As a China-born company, Maimai gained momentum over the past two years with localized features, such as anonymous chat, mobile-first design, real-name registration, and partnerships with Chinese corporations.

How MaiMai Works?

MaiMai allows its users to verify their employment status and post anonymously in a chat forum under names like “employee of Alibaba”.
Unlike LinkedIn, MaiMai is one of the biggest business platforms in China.
MaiMai proved that protecting the privacy and offering a space for free speech can be a lucrative business.
Maimai has an anonymity feature, it gives its users a sense of security.

LinkedIn Vs. MaiMai

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service. It was founded in 2003 and now has almost 740 international online members, but only 5.3 million users are Chinese.

In October 2021, Microsoft announced that they are shutting down LinkedIn in China after facing difficulties with complying with Beijing’s censorship regulations. So, LinkedIn could not be a choice for the Chinese market anymore


Why You Should Use MaiMai for Promoting Your Business?

  • There are more than 80 Million users on MaiMai’s platform.
  • By using MaiMai you can gain access to relevant companies, clients, and investors without wasting valuable time trying to find the right partners through other random and international platforms.
  • While approaching the Chinese market, it is always better to use local platforms where you can connect with the right business for your company!
  • MaiMai is one of the most used platforms in China on daily basis, your competitors aren’t aware of it yet! it is your time to take the grip.
  • The corporate structure in China is really complicated, therefore it is more convenient to connect directly with the company’s decision-makers.
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