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The Xinergy Method™


Xinergy will help get marketing materials ready for the Chinese market, with content-localization and a professional Chinese interface.

Business Insight

Before rushing into the Chinese market, know local and international competitors. Learn about the unique characteristics of your target market. Locate distributors, partners, and channels with a thorough business report. Don’t worry, Xinergy can help!


Xinergy will help allocate and manage personal sales representatives in the Chinese market, the most cost-effective solution with a high return on investment.

Digital Marketing

Xinergy manages large-scale PR campaigns in China for our clients in finance, life science, agriculture, and consumer goods.


Xinergy is experienced in providing end-to-end solutions for company registration and financing in China. Having your legal entity in China will allow for freedom in many business aspects and significantly reduce your costs.


Xinergy helps minimize risk by finding local investment partners in China. Xinergy has assisted our clients in securing over 30 million USD. This service adds value to our distinguished clients.

Government Grants

Xinergy will help unlock financial support and incentives for your future business operations in a swift and efficient process. Xinergy has the experience and a broad network with government agencies in free trade zones across China.

Localization Packages

  • * – 4 Posts/Month
  • ** – $1200 Monthly Budget
  • *** – 4 Events per year
  • * – 4 Posts/Month
  • ** – $1200 Monthly Budget
  • *** – 4 Events per year

Lay foundation for companies in China (exposure, PR, sales representative, registered subsidiary, website/blog, etc)

Because the foundation is already there, distributors in China are more likely / feel pressured to come to agreements