Product Localization



One of the most significant challenges facing businesses looking to expand into the global market is adapting to the unique business culture in different parts of the world. This process is known as localization. Companies looking to expand their business lack cultural fluency in their targeted markets and cannot properly adjust their business model and branding to their targeted consumers.

Companies expanding in new markets also lack the partnerships necessary for their manufacturing, distribution, and other hurdles associated with international business. Without proper brand localization, a company will fail to properly reach the consumer and will not run a successful operation in the global market.

How we can help

Xinergy’s product localization plan is essential to companies looking to transition their brand into a foreign market successfully. Xinergy Global offers a comprehensive product localization plan covering corporate registration of a company’s intellectual property, choosing the right brand name, choosing brand name, creating relationships with vendors or consumers, and more. Xinergy uses its highly skilled and experienced consultants to mitigate critical risks ensuring our clients’ growth and potential in international business ventures.
Xinergy’s methodology is based on experience and in-depth research into the targeted markets so that the products or services being offered are made tailored as best as possible to the local consumers. Xinergy uses its translation team to shatter language and cultural barriers to create brand awareness that conforms to unique cultural norms and expectations in international markets. Xinergy will help clients complete the integral components of successful product localization.