Product Localization



One of the greatest challenges facing businesses that are looking to expand into the Chinese market is adapting to the unique Chinese culture blog business culture in China. Corporations looking to enter the Chinese market must adjust their business model and branding to the Chinese consumer. In addition to having a physical product stocked with local vendors, companies must face the hurdle of reorienting their brand identity to a new customer type.

Without an in-depth understanding or existing experience in Chinese consumer behaviors, many companies fail to achieve the brand loyalty necessary to keep their operation profitable in the Chinese market.


Xinergy’s product localization plan is essential to companies looking to successfully transition their brand into a foreign market, specifically the Chinese market. Xinergy Global offers various product localization plans tailored to our client’s specific branding needs. A comprehensive product localization plan will cover corporate registration of a company’s intellectual property, choosing the right brand name blog choose brand name, creating relationships with vendors or consumers, and more. It is essential that the plan is based on experience and in-depth research into the market so that the products or services being offered are tailored as best as possible to the local consumers. In a country as unique as China, conforming to their unique cultural norms and expectations is an integral component of successful product localization.