Public Relations

Public Relation


Developing public relations in China can be challenging for multinational companies looking to expand into the Chinese market. The Chinese public relations campaigns rely on Chinese social media outlets, unique insight into local needs, word-of-mouth, and a market-proven promotion plan. Many multinational companies fail to live up to those standards and eventually cannot run profitable campaigns in China.


Xinergy’s team of experts is highly experienced in creating and maintaining a high standard for Public Relations for international business in the Chinese market. Our offices based out of China are always cultivating an active presence on various Chinese social media and are in strategic cooperation with key opinion leaders in China. Our PR services are tailored to the image that clients wish to promote for their brand.
Examples include:
  • Xinergy Assisted Xen Protocol with PR and received a front page headline in a 20 million readers newspaper in China
  • Medical Device Company: helped them connect to investment opportunities in China