Success Stories


Xinergy Global increased a laboratory blood test producer’s revenue by building a cost-effective market entrance plan. Xinergy walked them through the start-up phase and eventually grew globally.
Xinergy Global assisted an antibody proteins producer in getting the resources necessary for vaccine development.  Xinergy facilitated a cross-border partnership between two companies for R&D and ensured finding a distributor capable of carrying out demand for the product through the now leading distributor in their territory. Xinergy boosted its revenue with a distribution strategy and policy and through branding and localization.
Xinergy has assisted crypto start-ups with localizing materials, fundraising several million dollars, professionally trained and built teams for marketing efforts for blockchain and crypto start-ups, and assisted firms with integrating technology with the financial world, such as decentralized finance. 
Xinergy Global assisted a company in developing drone sensor technology to build its brand image from scratch. Xinergy created marketing presentations, found partners, participated in conferences, and led company fundraising. The firm was assisted in applying to a well-known global accelerator and was accepted.

Xinergy Global assisted a company in building a gaming platform for drones. Xinergy coordinated business plans, marketing materials, fundraising, recruiting global talent and advisors, navigating regulations, and branding.
Xinergy Global assisted a swiss investment firm with infrastructure, investment company to map, communicate and ultimately choose the ideal constructor for a large-scale project of hospitals and clinics all over Africa. Xinergy helped the client with sourcing medical equipment totaling 20 Million Euros. 
Leading Social media promotion for a well-known bridal wear brand

Building a Market entry strategy for a rapidly growing Latin American fashion brand
Xinergy Global helped a European recycling technology firm establish a joint venture with an Asian partner.

Assisted in the manufacturing of solar panels for desalination through marketing and branding campaigns.

Xinergy Global assisted a Cyprus-based patent owner of water filtration systems with market research and partnerships with local manufacturers. Xinergy mapped and found an OEM factory in China to build its production line and partner with a multinational company.

Xinergy Global helped a European recycling firm establish a joint venture with an Asian partner to manufacture solar panels for desalination through marketing and branding campaigns.
Xinergy Global provided consulting services to the country’s largest mass transportation company. Xinergy facilitated communications with subtractors and smooth transactions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Efforts were spent on branding and international exhibits and Xinergy managed contracts valued at 1 Billion USD. These partnerships resulted in close relationships with leaders in construction in the region.
Xinergy assisted an electric vehicles importer in performing market research of the global market and facilitated communication between manufacturers to build and execute a business plan to import and manufacture EVs.

Xinergy assisted an EV charging company with market research to find their product-market fit and execute their platform’s plan.
Xinergy Global assisted Fortune 500 company, Haier, to build and execute a financial and operational plan for a technology accelerator.

Xinergy helped an intelligent traffic control developer build their brand and attract market attention. The firm was elected to participate in a lucrative program and was accepted by a tech accelerator and incubator, raising over 4 million USD in 18 months.

Xinergy Global used new-age marketing research and development to increase brand awareness and ease the market entry process. Xinergy’s network of partnerships with key opinion leaders created a PR effort that raised interest from investors, ultimately exceeding fundraising goals.