usa companies going global

U.S. Companies Going Global

It may be daunting to enter a foreign market after only doing business in the United States. Lack of knowledge and possible instability in markets abroad can make expansion seem like an impossible task with too much risk to undertake. Also, because of Covid-19, markets and businesses struggled to stay afloat, but with the vaccine, the market will reopen and lead to economic growth.

At Xinergy Global, we undertake that risky task for your company, as we operate in markets worldwide every day with boots on the ground. Xinergy does the research and exploratory work for the market your company wants to run in and prepares feasibility and entry plan proposals for you. This mitigates the risk of undertaking foreign operations by giving you local insight into the challenges that may be faced by your company before spending development capital and allows us to develop a strategy together. At Xinergy, we have developed our proven methodology of market entry and are adequately equipped to help your company expand and grow in emerging markets. Below you can read about ten U.S. companies that recently expanded and established global operations.

13 companies in the USA with operations established globally recently 

Winmark Corp – Started in 1988 (based in Minnesota)-company that specializes in buying and selling used goods. The goods include clothing, sports gear, toys, C.D.s and video games. This company has stores all over the United States and is possibly looking to expand to operations across the world. Currently their company is worth over 600 million dollars. Some Markets to look for are India and China due to their large population size and need for more consumer options. Winmark Corp is set to keep growing and projected to expand. Winmark has 90 employees. The perfect resale market could do very well in Asia and other developing markets.

Observe AI – started in 2017 (based in Dallas, Texas)- Observe A.I. is a company that transcribes and predicts customer conversations and reviews, evaluates employees and agents, and teaches employees what they need to fix. Many companies like J.K. Moving service and National Debt Relief have contracts with Observe A.I. They can grow in any part of the world, and it’s an exciting company. Their services include customer service feedback, employee feedback, and training recommendations such as communicating and working as a team. Observe A.I. has under 100 employees.No Contracts with any foreign companies, could be used by a number of our clients, and is under the radar. Very relevant to China and India because Customers can review consumers’ clients and give feedback.

ButtonWallet – started in 2018 (based in San Francisco, California). Button Wallet is a messenger-based software solution for trading and buying digital assets. A client-side application based on Telegram, Button is using Telegram messenger. Button focuses on optimizing usability and security for users looking to split the finances of shared experiences with friends by encrypting all communication and transactions. ButtonWallet users can trade BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, Waves (XLM), and ERC-20 tokens.ButtonWallet is used in many different countries but still hasn’t made it to a developing market. It’s projected to be an industry leader, according to Cloudways. Not in India or UAE, currently no talks about expanding to all countries but would be very useful in the Asian market as a form of currency

Porch Servicesstarted in 2013 (based in Seattle, Washington)Porch is a home contractor marketplace for homeowners to find high-quality professionals to help with home remodeling and home services. Porch helps find people quality plumbers at a lower rate through an app. Their services include HireAHelper, Palm-Tech.iRoofing, and Elite Insurance Group. Many in the United States but can be applied to other countries. Universal app with limited competition in the international field. It could be expanded to Asian and African markets due to the growing need for infrastructure built.

Whoop started in 2011 (based in Boston, MA). Whoop is a technology and data analytics company for performance optimization. It develops a performance optimization system. The company provides athletes, coaches, and trainers with an understanding of strain and recovery to balance training, reduce injuries, and predict performance. Whoop Performance has helped athletes sleep better, lower their heart rate, and has led to better recovery from travel. Non-athletes can use Whoop as well. The market for sports recovery is still growing and is expected to reach 7.5 billion in 2025. According to top market reports, the Asia Market is the biggest reason for this significant spike in revenue because of children’s growing number of sports participation.


SoLo Fundsstarted in 2015 (based in Los Angeles, California). SoLo Funds is a company that develops and provides a lending exchange platform. Its platform connects lenders and borrowers for short-term, affordable loans. These loans are small short-term loans. Nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. This app allows Americans to help cover the gap till they receive their next check. This model can be adopted worldwide and used by both small and large businesses as emergency money. Loans can be used to cover things like basic household needs or cash to cover a business.


Kaia Healthstarted in 2016 (based in New York City). Kaia Health is a digital therapeutics company that creates treatments for a range of disorders. It develops a platform that offers individualized exercise plans, mindful pain reduction, comprehensive back pain education, and personalized help from coaching staff. It has 103 employees. Kaia Health is effective at giving cost-saving therapy for a lower price. Kaia Health would be excellent for the SouthEast Asian Market (India, Japan, and China) because of its lower cost and easy-to-use app. We can use our connections to promote their services and help them grow even more.

Kaia Health Logo

AirGaragestarted in 2017 (based in San Francisco, California) AirGarage develops an API for physical space. It provides software that helps clients to get income by renting out unused space. These spaces can be very effective because this model can be used in any country. This would lead to a large market in India and China because of their population size. The Population in India is expected to grow even more, which would lead to more travel, and more journey leads to the greater need for parking spaces for transportation. This company in the United States has seen a growth of over 4% over the last year.


Cohesitystarted in 2013 (based in San Jose, California) Cohesity is a company that develops a web-scale hyper-converged platform. It offers data protection, consolidates file and object services, provides access to test copies, and performs in-place search and analytics. Cohesity has partnered with Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Google, and VMware. They are a growing company with over 200 million in revenue. Currently, they are expanding to Asia, and Xinergy can be a great help to them with our knowledge of the local market.


GitLab -started in 2011 (based in San Francisco, California) GitLab is a company that provides a DevOps platform for software development lifecycle. It enables portfolio planning and management through stories, programs, and milestones to organize and track progress. GitLab allows teams to design, develop, and manage code and project data from a single control point. GitLab partners include Google, Amazon, HashiCorp, and IBM. Gitlab is expected to get more big partnerships in the future. Gitlab is a developing company with a big future in the Asian market. Companies can manage their teams more effectively and control how their employees work their time. 


Uplevelstarted in 2018 (based in Seattle, Washington). Uplevel is a company that develops an engineering effectiveness platform intended for engineering teams to track productivity. It leverages machine learning and organizational science to cause behavior change with insights, coaching, and actions integrated into daily workflow based on data from multiple tools. Several companies, including Red Ventures, have used uplevel. This model can be used by any company and helps companies grow by fixing time management and improving productivity. We can help this company grow in any setting, and it’s still being developed.


Legalpad -started in 2017 (based in Seattle, Washington)Legalpad is a company that helps startups apply for work visas. It pairs software with human support to connect global talent with an opportunity to work abroad. Legal Pad is pairing smart software with human backing and allows people worldwide to apply for a work visa anywhere. We can use their model and help adapt to other countries’ work visa programs. Their system is very cost-effective and 83% faster than the traditional route. Adapting their approach to the developing countries would allow a more significant amount of work visas and other legal paperwork to be handled more quickly, saving companies time and money.


OwnBackup – started in 2015( based in Englewood Cliff, New Jersey) OwnBackup is a company developing solutions that provide built-in protection against data loss and corruption. It protects the cloud data that companies rely on. Their values are trust, hard work, responsibility, and transparency. They currently operate with several big companies and provide data and protection services to them. Their partners include Amazon and Salesforce. They have offices in Israel and Australia; Xinergy can help them grow in the Asian market, including India and China. They are projected to keep growing and are exciting to look out for in the future.


 Overall, Xinergy Global sees that companies in the United States should look to grow in emerging markets. These markets include China, Brazil, India, and Japan. The markets are expected to bounce back from covid. This is because of a global commitment to pushing out the vaccine. Xinergy projects that the market trend will be perfect for companies who want to enter emerging markets. To get more analysis on emerging markets, please contact us

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