“Wanghong” Celebrities Takeover Your Marketing Campaign

Written by Niv Schwartz & Rona Yakir

Wanghong (网红) means “internet celebrity” in Chinese. It refers to professionals who use their popularity as a mean to spread among their fan base purchase goods or services that they themselves tried out and approved of. These internet celebrities have broken the monopoly of traditional media and their marketing potential is exceptional, seeing as they have thousands of followers who awaits their every social media’s post. Their internet-persona is usually eye-catching and charismatic, all while the photos and videos they upload tends to demonstrate an enviable lifestyle which attracts many viewers’ attention. To emphasize this trend’s lucrative business success, one of China’s most famous Wanghong earns 46$ million a year.

The most important tools for them are Chinese social media platforms. Wanghong present themselves on WeChat, Weibo, and Tik Tok among others. The average Chinese spends almost 4 hours online each day, and the impressive internet penetration rate is growing still. Large numbers of loyal followers and fans are ready to buy any product their influencers recommend. This is due to the fact that fans have a close relationship with their online celebrities and friends on social media. Therefore, the Wanghong model has a distinct advantage and is a great alternative for traditional marketing campaigns, which include generic, mass-targeted advertising campaigns.

Wanghong plays an important role in the purchasing process and act more like a trustful advisory that many people, especially the younger generation, can count on. Chinese consumers are actively voting with their wallets for this sophisticated consumption habit. For any western brand that wishes to be recognized in social media platforms as well as increasing sales through e-commerce, collaborating with an internet celebrity is a sure way to gain long-term, loyal consumers. Your brand should strive to understand the Chinese consumers’ needs and offer distinctive experiences.

We at Xinergy Global observe and learn new Chinese trends around the clock in order to offer the most professional marketing services, ensuring your business optimal penetration into the Chinese market. Schedule a free meeting with our localization expert today!

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