What is GuoChao and why you should learn about it

Written by Niv Schwartz and Svetlana Konovich GuoChao (国潮) is a trend using Chinese culture for marketing purposes by modern brand to attract consumers.

In order to better succeed in the Chinese market, a full understanding of the GuoChao trend is required. This will help grasp modern Chinese consumerism and adapt the nature of the products to the consumer audience in contemporary China.

The most important aspect of GuoChao is that it creates a sense of national pride. Chinese are known for their patriotism, which is exploited in this trend, to promote and advance products and brands, both in China and worldwide.

What is embedded in Guochao is the story of China’s rise, which, among other things, is what strengthens the national feeling and pride it strives to emphasize.

GuoChao is especially popular among young people in their 20s who did not live in China during its foundation period, but solely in modern times, while China was becoming one of the world’s largest economies.

GuoChao started in the clothing market but gradually expanded to various brands that use it today. Some of the Chinese brands have even rebuilt themselves on this basis. For example, growing brands such as Li-Ning, Hey-tea, and White Rabbit candy are all popular in China and are becoming international brands.

Anyone who wants to operate in China and wishes to lead a successful marketing campaign, should be familiar with the GuoChao trend as it will help you understand not only how Chinese marketing strategies of 2020 work, but it will also translate to success in working with the Chinese people and appealing to their forms of communication.

A GuoChao marketing campaign will most likely have better chances of success than a regular marketing campaign in China. For example, Adidas applied Guochao to their campaign in the 2020 Chinese New Year and have experienced the benefits of their lucrative implementation of GuoChao.

We at Xinergy serve as the bridge between China and the West by using our extensive knowledge of both the Chinese culture and its market. With the help of our company, you will learn more about using GuoChao as a tool to attract and capture the Chinese consumer, and learn how this ancient Chinese culture can play an important role in your marketing strategies.

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